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by enycab on August 26, 2012
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Related article: Bringolf R, Cope W, Eads C, Shea D, Heltsley RM, Fraely S, et al. "Reproductive effects of the pharmaceutical fluoxetine on native freshwater mussels." 2008; Bringolf RB, Cope WG, Eads C, Shea D, Heltsley RM, Fraley S, et al. "Endocrine and Reproductive Effects of the Pharmaceutical Fluoxetine on Native Freshwater Mussels: Proximity to Measured Environmental Concentrations." US Geological Survey, Survey UG, Ed., 2006NC61B, 2007, 8 pp; available: Bringolf RB, Heltsley RM, Newton TJ, B. EC, Fraley SJ, Shea D, et al. "Environmental occurrence and reproductive effects of the pharmaceutical fluoxetine in native freshwater mussels." Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 2010, 29(6):1311-1318; doi:10.1002/etc.157. Bringolf RB and Summerfelt RC. "Reduction of estrogenic activity of municipal wastewater by aerated lagoon treatment facilities." Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 2003, 22 ... read more

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